Secret Garden Colouring Book Review

Colouring books are no longer only for children! With wonderful authors and illustrators like Johanna Basford, and books such as the Secret Garden Colouring Book, we can now enjoy colouring again without digging out the 500 page character books from our childhood.

I received the Secret Garden ‘An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book’ by Johanna Basford for Christmas and I absolutely adore it! The front cover of the book is illustrated beautifully and even moreso inside. It features delicately outlined images to colour in, featuring many plants and animals. The book also includes a small scavenger hunt for creatures inside of the images which I think is a lovely touch.

I haven’t finished colouring in the first image yet but it’s so therapeutic and I’ll definitely be using it as a way of unwinding when I’m back at university.

There are many other colouring books similar to this one out there, such as the Harry Potter Colouring Book,  and others by Johanna Basford including ‘Lost Ocean‘ and ‘Enchanted Forest‘.

How lovely does the Secret Garden colouring book look!

What do you think about these adult colouring books, do you have one? Let me know in the comments!

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