Ninety Six Degrees Leicester

ninety six degrees

Recently I went to a lovely coffee shop in Leicester called Ninety Six Degrees and it was SO good! I had my camera with me at the time, so I thought I would take a few photos to show just how lovely everything was. I ordered a Caramel Frappé for £2.90 (it was an extra 30p for coffee!) and it was so delicious.

ninety six degrees

The caramel frappé was served in a cute jar with cream and chocolate flakes on top – which I didn’t expect at all! Much better than boring chocolate powder. My friends ordered a mocha, chai latté and a pot of tea which also looked super lovely. The food options were all so inviting so maybe I’ll try them next time. The selection of deserts, such as brownies, were also really tempting! One of my friend’s had one and he LOVED it.

ninety six degrees

The decorations inside Ninety Six Degrees were so pretty. The specials board had twinkling fairylights around it (unfortunately I didn’t get a photo!) and the lights from the ceiling were huge light bulbs hanging down on thin red rope. The back wall had an oragami style world map on it which I think is such a quirky touch. If only my student accommodation was as nice…

The staff were really friendly and I had a great conversation with the person who served me behind the till. It is always the nicest thing to have an uplifting conversation with a stranger when you’ve had a bad day!

ninety six degreesninety six degreesninety six degrees
How good do they all look?! I’m certain that Ninety Six Degrees is going to become one of my favourite coffee shops in Leicester – I’m really enjoying going to all the different places.

What’s your favourite local coffee shop like? Let me know in the comments!

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