Lush Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb Review

Lush Week Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
Lush Week Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb is an adorable pink, egg-shaped bath bomb from the Lush Easter range. It’s so cute, and for £2.95 I couldn’t resist picking it up the other day before the Easter range left Lush for another year. Fluffy Egg is a little smaller than the usual Lush bath bomb, especially Humpty Dumpty, but it is definitely a contender.

Fluffy Egg bath bomb has a sweet candyfloss scent, if you love Snow Fairy then you’ll definitely love this. It has a flower on each side of the egg, one in blue and the other white. It’s definitely a Lush classic and again, I wish I had stocked up!

If you’re wanting a relaxing pink bath, then definitely go for Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb at Easter. It’s such a dark horse in terms of bath bombs: it’s usually the larger and brighter ones (I’m looking at you The Experimenter) that catch everyone’s attention. It’s a quick fizzer but the scent lasted throughout the whole bath and even afterwards.

Lush Week Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Lush Week is officially over and I’m going to have a long, relaxing bath while I think about what to blog next. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! It has given me my first insight into daily blogging  (I’ve posted every day since March 18th, how?). I would love to set myself a similar challenge in the future – send any ideas my way!

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What did you think of this adorable bath bomb? 


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