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illamasqua meadowhall bloggers event
illamasqua meadowhall bloggers event
AD | Features gifted products from Illamasqua.

On Wednesday, I was lucky to be able to go to the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event last minute. I didn’t expect to be going at all and I am so happy I had the day free and attend. Illamasqua is a brand that I have been so eager to learn more about; it is great to discover new brands who offer good quality, cruelty-free makeup.

It was also lovely to see some Sheffield Bloggers who I haven’t caught up with since the Lush Spring Blogger Event back in March. Going to blogging events is something I never thought I would be doing when I started this blog, and I am always so thankful for all of the amazing opportunities I get to be a part of.

When arriving at the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event, I was greeted with an offer for a drink and strawberries! I have been living on strawberries recently, I have them at least three times a day.

Cruelty-free and vegan products

Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event

The event began with the lovely staff at Illamasqua telling us about the brand. Throughout the event they kept saying the brand is cruelty-free which made me so happy! You could definitely tell that the staff were passionate about it which is great.

Illamasqua has a lot of vegan products and hopes to be 100% vegan in the near future. However, developing the products takes time and they wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of them in the process.

Makeup demonstrations

illmasqua meadowhall bloggers event

Look one

This was followed by two makeup demonstrations on a staff member called Amber. I am so surprised and impressed with how gorgeous all of the products were as they looked amazing on her!

The first look was a natural, every-day makeup look which was easy to recreate. It started with two primers which I fell in love with; the Hydra Veil followed by the Radiance Veil. The Radiance Veil Primer went straight on my wishlist the moment I saw and swatched it. It is so glowy and beautiful. After foundation application, the shimmer and glow from the Radiance Veil still showed through.

For contouring, the Gel Sculpt Stick in the shade Silhouette was used. Now this looked a bit odd at first because the pigment is so dark, but it looks nothing like the product does when applied on the face. While this would usually be quite scary for me, it actually looked like such a natural and flawless contour. It blended really nicely and gave the natural sculpt that we all strive for.

The eye make-up included using a face powder as the base shadow. Illamasqua promote using the product for more than what its purpose is which I think is wonderful, getting more out of a product than what you first thought? Great! They also did this with the Blush they showed by using it on the lips to give them a subtle tint. I never thought to do this before so I’m very happy I went to the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event.

Look two

illmasqua meadowhall bloggers event

The second makeup look at the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event was the cutest thing. The makeup from the first look was toned down and buffed out. The main focus of this look was freckles… Now this was confusing for me because I usually do everything I can to cover up the freckles on my face. Sometimes I like them, but a lot of the time I confuse them for blemishes and it gets annoying! I can’t actually remember which product was used for this but white dots were carefully put over the cheeks and nose and gently brushed out which looked gorgeous.

The same white product was also used on the tips of the lashes which matched the freckles perfectly. The look was inspired by cute lil bunnies and you could definitely tell! It isn’t a look that I would go for on a day-to-day basis but definitely for a party!

Exploring the Illamasqua counter

illamasqua sheffield bloggers event
illamasqua meadowhall bloggers event

After this we were let free to explore and find out about more of the Illamasqua products. I accidentally fell head-over-heels with a lipstick for £19.50 so I’m definitely heading back in a couple of weeks to get it.

I also loved their blush shades, I swatched a really bright pink one on my hand and it was so lovely. In my every day makeup routine I don’t actually use blush, I just stick to my trusty contour and highlight – I might start giving it a go to give my cheeks a pop of colour.

I also got given a list of all of the vegan products that Illamasqua sell which I am so thankful for. I only buy cruelty-free now and vegan is definitely a bonus too! I then took the opportunity to get the swatches off my hand, say goodbye to everyone and head off to get some food in the Meadowhall Oasis.

Goodie box?!

illamasqua meadowhall bloggers event
illamasqua meadowhall bloggers event
AD – Gifted products

Everyone who attended the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event got given a black matte box with products inside. Exciting! Inside was the Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner in the shade ‘Abyss’ and I can’t wait to use it! My KIKO Milano liquid liner that I featured in this post is just about coming to its end so this was perfect timing. The Illamasqua Precision Ink is waterproof which I LOVE. With all the pollen floating around right now, there has been so many occasions where I’ve left the house and my eyeliner has completely come off with my eyes watering so much! I’m really hoping this stops that from happening. The applicator is really sturdy and pointed so I trust it will help me get a perfect flick.

I also received a sample of the Matte Veil Primer and I am so excited to give this a try! This retails for £32.00 full sized and I sort of hope I don’t like it so I don’t spend the money but I probably will end up loving it. I’m on the search for a new cruelty-free primer and I’m sure this will do the job. I love a matte base to apply my makeup on top of and my skin tends to be oily in a morning so this will hopefully reduce that!

I really enjoyed the Illamasqua Meadowhall Bloggers Event! What products would you recommend from Illamasqua for me to try next? Have you been to one of their events too?

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