Blog Love #1: June

Blog Love
Blog Love

I’ve decided to start sharing more love and positivity in the blogging community on Latte Leanne. Blog Love is going to become a new series on my blog all about my favourite blogs. I’m going to share with you three of my favourite blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading each month. If I have loved them, why shouldn’t you have the opportunity to as well?

It’s great to promote each other’s blogs and make friends along the way. Kindness is so important nowadays and a small dose of loveliness can make someone’s day that bit better. I do apologise because this post was supposed to go up a week ago, I moved out of my university accommodation and back home so things have been a little hectic around here!

Martha Molly

Blog Love

I have loved reading Martha Molly this month. Martha’s blog is full of everything you would want to read. From beauty to books, I really enjoy taking the time to read a few posts. Her photography is so good too! I would highly recommend you go and give her blog a read.

Rachel x Blog

Blog Love

Rachel at was one of the first blogging friends I made I think! Rachel is such a lovely person to talk to. Her blog is a beauty and skincare blog and there’s always something new to read and her photos are lovely too. She also recently set up the #Bbeautychat on Twitter which I think is amazing! It gets more popular each week and I’m so happy for them both.

Vicki in Neverland

Blog Love

Just as I am writing this, Vicki and I are Tweeting and she is asking me what my new blog series is… There was a reason I didn’t say, haha! I have recently started having chats with Vicki and she is so lovely. Her blog is the cutest thing (have you seen the design?!) and is such a lovely read too! Vicki also blogs about cruelty-free products and she’s such an angel. Just go and see her blog, you’ll know what I mean haha!

I hope you enjoyed Blog Love #1, there will be another one up at the end of the month!

Who are your favourite bloggers this month? Share in the comments!


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