5 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Break

Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Break
5 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Break

We all have bad beauty habits. There are so many things we tell ourselves that we need to do but never get around to it. Every now and then you need a little push to get back on track, clear out your beauty products and try new things! Therefore today, I’m sharing five bad beauty habits that you need to break.

1. Using makeup after its expiry date

You know when you love that mascara so much that you never want to throw it away? Well, bad news. On all beauty products there is an expiry date.

You see that symbol which is a pot with a lid coming off it that says 6M or 12M inside? You should definitely be throwing away and replacing your products within that time frame and regularly.

It’s quite dangerous to be using out-of-date beauty products on your skin, especially around your eyes. So, throw away that foundation that’s six months out-of-date and the eye shadow palette that you loved so much. Use this as an opportunity to refresh your collection.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on

When you get back from a night out and you’re tired, all you want to do is sleep. The last thing you want to do is take off your makeup, right? Wrong.

My top tip for this would be to put your makeup remover and cleanser next to your bed, along with a glass of water, so it won’t be difficult to find everything you need.

Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, and you’ll regret it in the morning!

3. Not cleaning your brushes regularly

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Look at your makeup brushes. How long ago did you last clean them? I know, it is way overdue.

It’s so important to regularly clean and cleanse your makeup brushes of bacteria and excess makeup. It’s a pain, but there are so many products out there to help you do it.

I use the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser to thoroughly clean my brushes between uses. Though there’s nothing water and baby shampoo can’t do!

4. Using heat on your hair every day

It’s very easy to fall into a habit of using heat on your hair every day. Drying and straightening it often can cause damage and to split ends.

It can be hard not to use heat when you have work in the morning and need to dry your hair, but you should definitely get some heat protection products to combat that. You could try washing your hair the night before and let dry naturally instead.

Giving your hair that break from 200 degree heat a few days a week will really make a difference, and your hair will thank you for it.

5. Applying eye shadow without a primer

This one isn’t really a bad beauty habit as such, but an eye primer will save you so much time and effort when doing your makeup. I use the Makeup Revolution eye primer and it helps my eye shadow last such a long time compared to applying it straight onto my eye lid.

I’ve also noticed less eye shadow fall out which is amazing. There’s nothing worse than creating a perfect base, and it becoming all pink and glittery (unless that’s what you’re going for). If you don’t have an eye primer handy, try using a concealer set with face powder on your eye lids instead! The eye shadow will stick a lot better because of it.

5 Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Break

Are you guilty of any of these bad beauty habits? I definitely am! Let me know in the comments!

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