Lush Week Blog Challenge

Lush Week
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If you read my last post, at the end of it I said I had an exciting week on the blog planned for next week. I’ve been a little on and off recently with my blog and I’m finally ready to get back into full swing with it! So I thought, what better way to get back into it than to set myself a challenge.

So, I thought of Lush Week… I’m going to be posting every day next week with a new post about a different Lush product. How exciting! I know I’m really going to enjoy writing them, hopefully as much as you enjoy reading them. The most I’ve ever posted in one week is three times, and I’d eventually love to try daily blogging, so I suppose this is a trial run.

Lush Week

I absolutely love Lush and all things bath and beauty related so I think this is going to be super enjoyable for me (who needs another excuse to use Lush products though) and maybe some of you could try the Lush Week challenge!

Anyway, just a short announcement post! Stay tuned for the first one tomorrow morning at 9am.

Will you be trying the Lush Week challenge? Let me know!

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