Holly’s Coffee Shop in Leicester Review

Holly's Coffee Shop

For my social media module at university we have to participate in a social activity and Tweet about it, post photos on Instagram; set up a Facebook page, a Pinterest board etc. to encourage others to do the activity as well. We happily chose the topic ‘Afternoon Tea’ – drinking tea and eating cake for work? Yes please.

We decided to go to Holly’s Coffee Shop and Sandwich Bar in Leicester, mainly because it’s a short walk from campus but also because I’ve walked past it so many times and I’m always glancing inside. It’s located on The Lanes in Leicester city centre.

Holly's Coffee ShopIt is so lovely inside of Holly’s Coffee Shop as well as on the outside, the table was a little small for the four us to squeeze around but we managed it! The table setting was also super cute with a potted plant which brought everything together. There were fairy lights in one corner of the café and an electric heater which looked like a log fire – heaven for me! 

I ordered a latte (very fitting with my blog) for £2.40 and I think this is so ideal for a student budget. You can also add a flavour shot for an extra 60p. It was served in a glass mug with a doily underneath which was an adorable touch. The coffee did go half-cold before I could drink it (Jennifer and Courtney I am blaming you) but it still tasted good!

Holly's Coffee Shop

My friends ordered a mocha and Earl Grey, which I think were also similar prices. The food menu also looked great, the prices ranged from about £2 – £5 so very affordable for a quick breakfast or lunch.

Holly's Coffee Shop
Holly's Coffee Shop

Where is your favourite place for a quick coffee? Let me know in the comments!

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