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10 Things to Love Christmas
10 Reasons to Love Christmas

This is the first post in Blogmas, yay! I’m not sure why I’ve decided to do Blogmas when I have university assignments to do because I’m sure this will take up way too much of my time, but I love blogging and Christmas so I thought, why not! I loved reading everyone’s Blogmas posts last year and I’m excited to be involved.

Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year, I’ve had my Christmas tree up since November and I’ve been feeling more festive than ever! Here are 10 Reasons to Love Christmas so you can feel super festive too!

1. Advent

I love the counting down to Christmas. I get excited every morning, even as a nineteen year old, to open my advent calendars and turn on the Christmas lights. Candles are also one of my new obsessions so I definitely need to get an advent candle too!

2. Yearly Christmas Adverts

This one is a complete no-brainer. My favourite Christmas advert this year is the Waitrose advert, with the cute little robin trying to find its way home (I actually did shed a tear, oops). I of course also loved the John Lewis advert, while not my favourite, it made me feel happy and very Christmassy!

3. Christmas Films

Elf is my all time favourite Christmas film. I’ve been watching Christmas films since the start of November and I absolutely love them. They make me feel so festive and I love it! Arthur Christmas is also one of my favourites, it’s so light-hearted and fun. Or try Love Actually, too!

4. Christmas Beauty

I love makeup and beauty products around this time of year. It’s time to bring out a bold, festive, red lip and sparkly eye shadow. Eep!

5. Gift giving

Gift giving with my friends is one of the things I most love about Christmas. I enjoy putting thought into every gift for my friends and spending time to make sure its right, and there’s definitely nothing better than seeing your friends be surprised!

6. Christmas events

Christmas light switch-ons are always in my calendar. I went to the one in Leicester last month and although there have been a lot of complaints about the Christmas tree; you can’t ever have too many fairy lights. I’m also going to the Birmingham Christmas Market soon and I’m really excited about it!

7. Family

I always love to see my family at Christmas. I’m living away at university so I don’t see them too much, but I love going home to see everyone. It’s such a special time and it’s lovely to spend time with my family over Christmas.

8. Christmas scents

I mentioned above that I’ve recently become obsessed with candles, not to mention all of the candles with Christmas scents. There’s nothing better than walking into your room and being hit with the scent of Christmas. Gingerbread is also one of my favourites, I definitely need to make a gingerbread house this year. If not for the taste, but how lovely my kitchen will smell afterwards!

9. The atmosphere

There’s nothing better than walking through town at 6pm, the Christmas lights being on and people eating food from the markets – all the pancakes, please! I love seeing everyone rush around getting gifts for their loved ones and watching the lights, there’s just something wonderful about it!

10. Christmas trees

Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the experience of decorating a Christmas tree with your loved ones. Our tree has a silver, blue and pink theme this year and it looks magical if I do say so myself!

That is all for my 10 reasons to love Christmas! Let me know why you love Christmas in the comments and I hope you enjoy Blogmas!


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