Update: Relaxation Photography

This week has been absolutely hectic with coursework deadlines already in Week 3, lectures and figuring out how on earth to use Photoshop. While I have been frantically typing and writing away all week, the time has gone ridiculously fast and I’ve forgotten to take a step back and relax. I decided to do some relaxation photography to calm myself and practice!

It is important at university to not get too stressed at the beginning. Time management and letting yourself breathe is key, I finally finished my report, managed to organise my folders and complete lecture notes today meaning I can go back home to Sheffield tomorrow for the weekend which will be lovely!

Relating to my previous post, I somehow found the time to head out on a short walk around my accommodation and campus and take some test-photos!

These are unedited because I’m still a newbie to Photoshop (even though I used it all through last year…) and I’m really happy with the way they came out. I am hopefully going to try out a Macro Lens next week and take a few photos for my coursework, so I’ll probably share my test shots with you again then!


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