Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit

Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit Review
Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit Review

You’ll probably be wondering how I’ve been a beauty blogger for eight months and how I survived without these brushes… I’ve been sticking to my Sleek Eye Brushes from the Sleek Makeup 7 Piece Brush Set and the Makeup Revolution Crease Eyeshadow Brush. I’m very happy with the Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit, I have so much more choice with which I use and it’s made applying my makeup a lot easier!

The great thing about Real Techniques is that its brushes are so affordable yet so good. I always return to this brand for my face brushes, especially recently with the Miracle Complexion Sponge, and I have never had any issues! This brush set contains five essential brushes for everyday makeup application.

Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit Review

Base Shadow Brush and Deluxe Crease Brush

The Base Shadow and Deluxe Crease Brushes are definitely my most used so far. It is pretty self-explanatory what they are used for, but I use the Base Shadow Brush to apply or pack eye shadow all over my eye lid, and then I follow it with the Deluxe Crease Brush to apply it in my outer corner and crease area. The only problem I have with the Deluxe Crease Brush is its size. It is a tiny bit too big for my eye shape as my lids are quite hooded, but apart from that I would highly recommend it.

Accent Brush

This brush is such a useful one to have in your collection. You know when you have finished an eye look and something just isn’t right? Use the Accent Brush and take it underneath your eye with the eye shadow you have used; it makes the look appear complete. It is also useful for smudging eye liner, especially kohl liner, to make a makeup look more messy than precise.

Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit Review
Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit Review

Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush

I haven’t got around to using this brush from the Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit yet so I can’t say too much about it. I think it would be great for a gel eyeliner, so if you know of a good one let me know! It’s a small pointed brush great for precision. Real Techniques also do an Eye Lining set, so check that out if that’s something you would be interested in!

Brow Brush

Finally, the angled Brow Brush is what everyone needs in their makeup brush collection. It is wonderful for using small strokes to apply brow powder, or for applying a brow pomade allowing you to make the perfect arch. I’m not sure how I ever coped without this brush in my life, I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of more angled brow brushes from other brands too.

The Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit can be found at Superdrug, Boots and many other online retailers. I would highly recommend this set if you’re new to makeup brushes or you just want a set that you can rely on day-to-day.

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