Lush Shower Jellies Review

Lush Shower Jelly
Lush Shower Jellies

The first ever time I went into Lush a few years ago, the staff member was demonstrating a lot of products for me. One of which was the Lush shower jellies, which we ended up throwing at a wall to see whose would stick the longest. Odd Lush memory for you!

The other day I finally bought some shower jellies when I was having a shop around Meadowhall and I’m excited to try them.

Lush Shower Jellies

Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly

I of course picked up the Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly from their Easter range. It smells amazing. Its ingredients include Brazillian Orange Oil that I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post and I absolutely love it. It’s such a zesty scent which is super refreshing. I feel like I’ve overused the word ‘refreshing’ this week but that’s honestly how Lush is making me feel right now!

The shape of this Lush shower jelly is the cutest thing ever. I’m such an Easter fan and anything in the shape of a bunny will win me over completely. It lathers well and I definitely wish I bought two of these. £3.95 for a 90g pot, how could I resist it?! The great thing about the Lush shower jellies is that you can put them in the fridge or freeze them too – which I’m definitely going to try!

Lush Shower Jellies

Woosh Shower Jelly

Next I picked up the Whoosh Shower Jelly mainly because it says it was “named after the sound of deadlines whizzing by. Useful for renewed focus when tired, jet lagged or revising for exams.” I’m in my last term of university with assessment every week for three weeks when I get back, so this shower jelly sounds perfect for me. I’m always in need of something to wake me up in the shower and I think this will do the job.

Woosh has some great ingredients including; grapefruit juice, honey water and lime juice, making the scent of this shower gel zesty and uplifting. It’s so fruity and I’m definitely going to be using this the morning of my exams to wake me up because a coffee never quite does the trick.

Lush Shower Jellies

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Have you tried Lush shower jellies? Which is your favourite?


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