December Lush Haul 2015

December Lush Haul

Over the Christmas period, I bought and received a few Lush products that I wanted to share with you! The December Lush Haul products featured in this post are Space Girl Bath Ballistic, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Father Christmas Bath Bomb and Snow Fairy Shower Gel. In my university halls I only have a shower, so being back at home in Sheffield I fully intend on using all of these before moving to Leicester for second term.

December Lush Haul

Space Girl – Bath Ballistic

I’ve had this product much longer than the other ones in this haul. I was going through my bag of bath things and found it at the bottom, so I think I purchased it back in the summer? Shaped like Saturn, Space Girl is more on the glittery side! It has a soft, blackcurrant scent which isn’t too strong – sweet but not too sweet (like Snow Fairy later on!) and I can’t wait to use it.

Golden Wonder – Bath Bomb

This bath bomb I received from my brother and it’s from Lush’s festive range. Present shaped, it has a lovely citrus scent so it doesn’t seem too Christmassy but I’m excited to use it for a mid-week refresh! I’ve also heard that Golden Wonder is made up of different layers, so I’m hoping it turns the bath a mix of dazzling colours.


Pop In The Bath – Bubble Bar

Those of you unfamiliar with Lush, say bye to bubble bath and hello to bubble bars! This one is blue and round with a cute pink flower on top, feeling very Spring like. The scent is citrus and very zesty again, and I can definitely tell there is some lemon in there! All you do is crumble the bubble bar under running water and there you go!

Snow Angel – Bath Melt

I picked up Snow Angel when I was Christmas shopping for my friends and I simply couldn’t help buying this one for myself! Shaped like an angel and coated in gold glitter, you can almost taste the cocoa butter and it will leave you moisturised and relaxed, with a very glittery tub.

Father Christmas – Bath Bomb

I received this bath bomb from my friend Molly (thank you!!) and I also purchased it as a gift for one of my other friends. As you can probably guess, this bath bomb is basically Father Christmas’ face. It has a sweet, Christmas scent so I’m going to use it just as the spirit is going away over the new year. The Lush USA website says it has a ‘green holly’ center, which from looking at it you can’t see so I’m excited for that!

Snow Fairy – Shower Gel

Last but not least, I couldn’t do a Lush haul without including Snow Fairy. This shower gel is what I purchase every single year around Christmas time (or bought for me, thank you Alex!) and it makes me feel so festive and lovely. It does have a very sweet scent so it isn’t for everyone, but I do know this is the most popular and most talked about shower gel at this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed this December Lush Haul, let me know which Lush products you would recommend and if you would like more posts similar to this!

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