Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review

cosmetic warrior face mask
Cosmetic warrior face mask review

I recently went to the Lush Spring event in Sheffield and I picked up a Cosmetic Warrior face mask. I’ve been meaning to get around to purchasing a face mask for such a long time and it’s definitely doing my skin some good.

Completely natural ingredients

The Lush Cosmetic Warrior face mask is made of completely natural ingredients, including antibacterial tea tree and honey; which also act as an antiseptic and moisturiser.

It isn’t vegan though so watch out for that as it contains free range eggs too. This is such a cleansing and cooling mask and I would definitely re-purchase it.

Cosmetic warrior face mask review

A lot of people complain about the scent of this mask but it’s really not that bad! At first it’s a little ‘oh gosh what am I doing?!’ but once you’ve used it a couple of times you get used to it.

The Cosmetic Warrior face mask has helped increase my confidence when it comes to going out with no makeup on because my skin has completely calmed down. It isn’t clear yet (will it ever be though?) but I’ve used this four times now and it’s made such a difference so far.

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What’s your favourite Lush face mask? Which others would you recommend?


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