2016 Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals
Blogging Goals

I’m in my fourth month of blogging now and thought I would put together a few of my blogging goals for this year. I made a similar post on my general 2016 aspirations which you can read here, but I wanted to write one specifically for blogging to help motivate me – so here it is! Let me know what tips you have for blogging too because I’m still a newbie around here!

Blogging Goals for 2016


I am in an AWFUL habit at the moment where I tend to post once a week. I know this is perfectly fine being a university student on a course that requires constant practical work, but I would like to be able to be posting 2 – 3 times a week towards the end (or even middle) of the year! I really enjoy blogging so I’m hoping this won’t be too difficult.


This sort of links with the first point. I have attempted to plan posts from time to time but mostly I will think of something and jump straight to it, and not have another idea for a few days – argh! This can be quite frustrating. I think I’m going to put aside some time over the weekend to think of ideas and plan a few posts before my coursework and exams catch up with me! Lists are also something I need to get into the habit of doing, they were a LIFE SAVER when I was studying for my A Levels.


I regularly see a lot of people posting these and it’s definitely something I would love to do! I’m going to try and do a monthly favourites post every month – but I also want to try something a little more original. Maybe something to do with photography? Like a monthly round up of my favourite photos I’ve taken during the month – we’ll see!


I keep contemplating purchasing my own domain for my blog but I just never get around to it! I always say ‘I’ll do it another day’ but sooner rather than later I need the motivation to just get on with it, because I definitely know it’s something I would like to do.


I’m always hit and miss when it comes to blogger chats. Sometimes I manage to keep up and have some lovely chats with other bloggers via Twitter. But a lot of the time I forget when these chats are scheduled and I end up being busy when they are happening which is a shame! I would love to make more blogger friends this year.


Yes, I know Christmas is 11 months away! I read and followed a lot of bloggers while they were doing Blogmas last year and I absolutely loved reading their posts and the creative ideas everyone had for them! I’m definitely going to try and do it this December; I absolutely ADORE Christmas and everything about it so I think I’d find Blogmas really enjoyable. The build up to Christmas is my favourite thing and I’m always sad when it’s over, so it would also be nice to have posts to look back on in the future.

What are your blogging goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments!


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