2017 Blogging Goals + 2016 Goals Reviewed

2017 Blogging Goals
2017 Blogging Goals

Happy new year! For my first post of the new year, I wanted to review last year’s blogging goals and set myself some new ones for the year. Setting goals helps me to plan, feel organised, and having something to aim for really pushes my motivation.

I’m really happy and pleased with how far Latte Leanne has come over the past year. I’ve moved to self-hosted WordPress (which you can read about here), been to blogger events and made some lovely blogging friends too! Here are my 2017 blogging goals.


Post Regularly 

I’m not sure if I am anywhere even close to achieving this because I definitely don’t  post regularly. Last month I posted twice, the month before I posted once, and in December I posted eight times. Sticking to a blog post schedule isn’t something I am good at!

Be More Organised

I think I am more organised with my blog than I was this time last year. I have my categories sorted and I know exactly what my blog is about. I would also love to focus more on being cruelty-free. All of my posts from March 2016 are cruelty-free, and I would love to help more people be cruelty free too! I might do some brand focused posts to help some of you learn more about the brands you use. Let me know if you would be interested in reading that!

Start A Regular Blog Series

almost started a regular blog series last year with my Blog Love series, but I only ever wrote one post for it. Maybe I’ll continue it this year! The aim of the series is to shine the spotlight on a few blogs that I love to read each month, hoping that you’ll perhaps find a new favourite blog to indulge in.

Buy My Domain

I bought my domain name back in March, and that’s when this blog became Latte Leanne! Having your own domain name and ditching the .wordpress.com makes your site feel and look instantly more professional. If you’re a blogger and are contemplating it, definitely go for it!

Join In On Blogger Chats

I was so good at joining in Twitter blogger chats at the beginning of last year, but since starting my second year of university, I just haven’t had the time! I also have a terrible memory and I always forget when all of the chats are on!


I had no idea I’d wanted to do Blogmas for so long until I reviewed my blogging goals. I attempted it in December but I stopped on the 10th because it was so much work to upload a post every day. If I try it again this year I definitely need to schedule more posts in advance.


Improve my DA

Towards the end of last year, my DA increased to 16 and I was so happy. More recently however, it has decreased again. I like to think that I do quite a good job at the SEO of Latte Leanne, and posting more regularly will definitely help!

Host A Giveaway

I’ve been blogging for over a year and I still can’t believe that I haven’t had the chance to host a giveaway yet! Let me know what sort of things you prefer to win in giveaways, I’m not sure where to start! It’ll all be cruelty free too.

Reach 500 Bloglovin’ Followers

Bloglovin’ will always be a mystery to me. I’ve just hit 200 followers on there and I would love to get to 500 before the end of 2017!

Reach 2500 Twitter Followers

As of January first I have 1636 followers which is amazing! I’m so happy with how my Twitter has helped my blog and allowed me to meet so many lovely bloggers too. By this time next year, I want to have reached 2500 followers! That would be wonderful! My Twitter is @LatteLeanne.

Post a Makeup Tutorial

At the moment, I am a beauty blogger who has never posted a makeup tutorial. I have always been way too scared to do one and I really hope that I can gather enough confidence to post one! Maybe I’ll start with an everyday look, but even thinking about it makes me worry!


Here is a small roundup of posts that are my favourites from 2016. I hope some of these are your favourites too! These were my favourite to write and take photos for.

What are your 2017 blogging goals? Let me know in the comments.

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